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Search Jobs ​Search our job postings, create an online profile and submit your application.  Read More

Why Work at EPCOR?

Why Work at EPCOR? We value the experience, perspectives, unique talents, skills and work styles of its employees.   Read More


Benefits Our Total Rewards package includes compensation, benefits, savings plans and time off.​  Read More

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Learning & Development We work hard to help our employees develop new skills and abilities so they can advance within the company.  Read More

Students & Recent Grads

Students & Recent Grads ​We offer exciting opportunities for students looking for a summer job and graduates looking to start their career.  Read More

Types of Careers at EPCOR

Types of Careers at EPCOR ​From engineering, to trades, to technologists, to corporate services, EPCOR has many different career areas.   Read More

Setting up a Profile

Setting up a Profile Use these step-by-step instructions to set up your candidate profile and start getting job alerts sent right to your email.  Read More

Application Tips

Application Tips ​Read these application tips including the best method of applying and improving your interview chances.  Read More

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Feature Stories

Giving Back by Moving Forward

June 13, 2016

Giving Back by Moving Forward "I like to do as many things as possible," says Trevor. "I find I work better when I'm multi-tasking, so even during my breaks at work I'm making calls around Edmonton. I've coached over 200 people dragon boating and have been running events in the city for over 15 years – it's been absolutely amazing."

On a high note

March 24, 2016

On a high note ​"I've moved ten times, have been enrolled in three different schools and have gone through all these life changes, but band has always been a constant." Meet Stephanie, a Service Consultant at EPCOR who knows it's the connections you make that truly matter.

Making it personal

March 14, 2016

Making it personal "Everyone brings their own unique set of skills to a new job. Mine just happens to be handmade personalized cards and crafts. I love letting people know they matter to me." Meet Candice, a Technical Trainer at EPCOR who loves to make it personal. ​

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