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Connect with us: Career Fairs on April 12

Connect with us: Career Fairs on April 12 ​Join us at the Canada Career Fair in Edmonton, and the 2016 Interactive Career Fair and Education Expo in Drayton Valley, on April 12, 2016.

As a ‘Future 40’ corporate citizen, protecting what matters most

As a ‘Future 40’ corporate citizen, protecting what matters most ​To be one of the best, you need to stand up against the best.

Stretching every drop of water

Stretching every drop of water ​When every water drop counts, it's smart to double-down. That means finding ways to use the same water for more than a single use.

On a high note

On a high note ​"I've moved ten times, have been enrolled in three different schools and have gone through all these life changes, but band has always been a constant." Meet Stephanie, a Service Consultant at EPCOR who knows it's the connections you make that truly matter.

Making it personal

Making it personal "Everyone brings their own unique set of skills to a new job. Mine just happens to be handmade personalized cards and crafts. I love letting people know they matter to me." Meet Candice, a Technical Trainer at EPCOR who loves to make it personal. ​

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