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Addressing climate change: our perspective

Addressing climate change: our perspective ​When it comes to the environment and our changing climate, there can be no doubt: there is a need for action. Growing air emissions, left unabated, lead to costly health and environmental impacts.

EPCOR & Maricopa Water District sign historic water agreement

EPCOR & Maricopa Water District sign historic water agreement ​Today, EPCOR announced that it has signed an innovative agreement that provides enough water to supply 41,000 homes and businesses each year.

EPCOR Announces Quarterly Results

EPCOR Announces Quarterly Results ​EPCOR Utilities Inc. (EPCOR) today filed its quarterly results for the period ended September 30, 2015.

Making waves

Making waves ​“When everybody’s running out, you’re the one running in,” says Sean Nickerson, recalling a rescue in high surf on Hawaii’s famous North Shore. “I could feel the swell, pulsating through the ground. I knew it then: this is going to be big.”

Boosting the Oilers' Power Play

Boosting the Oilers' Power Play When Edmonton's long awaited downtown arena opens next hockey season, the Oilers won't be alone on the power play.

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